Youth & Mentorship

Our Youth and Mentorship Ministry is a vibrant budding ‘teenage church’ arm of the church branch; MFM Reading Transformation Centre, UK.

The teenage church is an arm of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) saddled with the responsibility of raising and disciplining strong and young generational Christian leaders who have their core values in righteousness and uprightness.

Our dream at MFM Reading Transformation Centre is to see our teenagers become Christ’s ambassadors, stand up for Jesus and walk tall in righteousness always. We invite youngsters to come and be part of this great commission.

Our Vision

To nurture and mould our teenagers into Christlikeness, anchoring their lives to the Lord so that they may be found worthy of eternal life in Christ Jesus.

Our Mission

We guide and encourage our teenagers in building and maintaining solid relationship with God through teaching of the word of God and unpatrolled prayer life style.

Teenage Church Anthem

See sometimes in life
We go through so many things
We don’t get to be accepted
When we take a stand for his word
You don’t have to be discouraged
Your time has come
You’re a new creation now
Come on now rise and shine

Chorus: People call you Jesus freak
Stand up
They say you don’t fit the crowd
Walk tall
You got a Father who loves you
Just the way you are
Hold your head up high
Walk tall.

About the book

“Be ye holy for I am holy”. This factual statement about God remains uncompromised and cannot be contested; it is the prerequisite for gaining entrance into the presence and powerhouse of God.

Departmental Structure

  • Bible club
  • Choir and praise team
  • Ushering team
  • Prayer warrior
  • Arts and creative club
  • Teenage evangelism squad
  • Technical and sound
  • Resource and learning centre
  • Branding and communications
  • Sanctuary keepers
  • Protocols
  • Multi-media
  • Godly damsels
  • Dominion drama group
  • Medical team
  • Sons of David dance group
  • School of Revival and fire (SORF)


Leader: Sister Yinka.