Teachers & Teaching

The Teachers and Teaching ministry arm of MFM RTCentre constitutes of the dual streams of Search the Scriptures (aka Bbible studies) alongside Trainings and Developmental courses. The visions and missions statements of both arms of Teachers & Teaching ministry are outlined respectively below.

VISION STATEMENT – Training & Development:

Train Spiritual Combatants, and Disciple all in whole-live Biblical Stewardship (I Corinthians 4:1-2, Psalm 144:1).


  1. Periodically organise MFM Foundational Classes.10130614_s
  2. Training on and disseminate exegetical biblical truth.
  • Instructions of members/converts on the MFM church tenets.
  1. Apologetics Trainings; articulate explanations and defence of one’s Christian faith.
  2. Run workshops on Biblical lifestyle decision making skills.
  3. Mentorship of Youngsters.
  • Facilitate Ecumenical (inter-churches) conferences/workshops on Prayer etc.
  • Instructional guidance on life-survival Biblical themes; e.g. prayer, fasting etc.
  1. Developmental appraisals to support members’ specific uses of their gifting/calling etc.
  2. Facilitate HODs’ trainings to enhance overall efficiency, effectiveness & spirituality of each group/department in MFM Reading Transformation Centre, UK.


VISION STATEMENT – Search the Scriptures:

Teaching believers to observe all commands of Jesus Christ, and to ably handle the word of Life (Matthew 28:20, 1 John 1:1, Philippians 2:16).

Teaching the truth in love, without compromise; ministering grace, without legalism; providing practical Bible interpretations and applications for believers; raising up teachers who have been so gifted by Jesus Christ (Ephesians 4:11-13).


  1. Upholding and teaching the Bible as inerrant and eternal truth.
  2. Following MFM’s search the scripture manual as church guideline tenets on Biblical truth.
  • Feeding lambs and the sheep appropriately on the word (John 21:15, Hebrews 5:12).
  1. Debunking pet doctrines, human philosophies & opinions, fables & experiences from being postured as biblical principles.
  2. Protecting brethren from apostasies, heretics, errors or misconceptions (Ephesians 4:14).
  3. Ensure teachers are studious for own growth, teachable and open to appraisal or correction.
  • Teaching exegetically from the overflow of one’s life and spirit (Isaiah 28:10).
  • Raise transformational and servant leaders based on the whole counsel of God.
  1. Enable all brethren to be passionate about search the scriptures with a heaven mind-set.
  2. Promote affections and addictions for the word of God amongst HODs, ministers, workers, and members in MFM Reading Transformation Centre, UK (Psalm 119:97-99).