The Ministry of Deliverance

What is Deliverance?

120 Definitions of Deliverance

The word ‘deliverance’ means Yeshua – (Ps 50:23); Teshuah – (Isa 45:17); Rhuomai – to rescue from; Apulotrosis – Redemption – (Heb. 11:35); Aphesis – A release from bondage – (Lk. 4:18).
“If the Son shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed” (Jn. 8:36).
The following are the definitions of deliverance;
1. Deliverance is casting out demons and evil spirits from people who are possessed, oppressed or obsessed (Mk 16:17).
2. Deliverance is freedom from darkness.
3. Deliverance is a divine process of setting the captive free.
4. Deliverance is to be discharged from the army of Satan.
5. Deliverance is the process of liberation from the dark cage.
6. Deliverance is advancement by holy force.
7. Deliverance is spiritual, medical treatment.
8. Deliverance is the extraction of dark powers from a situation.
9. Deliverance is coming out of satanic prison.
10. Deliverance is spiritual repair.
11. Deliverance is to exercise divine authority over the powers of darkness including Satan.
12. Deliverance is stopping the enemy from influencing your decisions.
13. Deliverance is killing repeated problems, sicknesses, infirmities, diseases and powers behind them.
14. Deliverance is turning the table against your enemy.
15. Deliverance is the process of uprooting evil plantations of the enemy from your life.
16. Deliverance is breaking evil yokes.
17. Deliverance is removing curses, spells and jinxes from people’s lives.
18. Deliverance is breaking evil covenants.
19. Deliverance is the removal of reproach.
20. Deliverance is detaching yourself from satanic cobwebs.
21. Deliverance is breaking evil padlocks.
22. Deliverance is freedom from hearing evil voices.
23. Deliverance is the destruction of the works of the devil in your life.
24. Deliverance is the removal of evil marks from a life.
25. Deliverance is breaking evil chains and fetters.
26. Deliverance is to have dominion over the forces that keep you down.
27. Deliverance is the removal of invisible heavy loads placed on people.
28. Deliverance is binding the strongman and spoiling his goods.
29. Deliverance is prevailing over the enemy in the midst of turmoil and adversity.
30. Deliverance is breaking free from demonic strongholds.
31. Deliverance is killing the Herod, Pharaoh and Goliath pursuing after your life.
32. Deliverance is erasing evil handwriting by the blood of Jesus.
33. Deliverance is dismantling satanic attachments from your destiny.
34. Deliverance is closing all doors opened to the enemy.
35. Deliverance is pulling down evil platform prepared by our ancestors.
36. Deliverance is to undo heavy burdens.
37. Deliverance is possessing your possessions.
38. Deliverance is freedom from evil soul ties.
39. Deliverance is to dismantle internal and external strongholds working against your life.
40. Deliverance is to re-capture what the enemy has stolen from you.
41. Deliverance is the rebellion against the evil force of gravity.
42. Deliverance is to silence satanic siren scaring away your prosperity.
43. Deliverance is killing every serpent and scorpion troubling your destiny.
44. Deliverance is releasing the judgement of God upon your enemy.
45. Deliverance is liberating your star from star hunters.
46. Deliverance is the ejection of evil poison from our body.
47. Deliverance is killing every infirmity in your body.
48. Deliverance is removing evil embargo from your life.
49. Deliverance is to scatter every limitation placed on your life.
50. Deliverance is to destroy every delay on your way to progress.
51. Deliverance is putting the enemy’s gear in a reverse direction.
52. Deliverance is destroying ignorance in our life.
53. Deliverance is allowing heavenly purifier to purge the temple of our life.
54. Deliverance is the circumcision of our hearts.
55. Deliverance is vomiting food eaten from the table of the devil.
56. Deliverance is exhuming the buried blessings.
57. Deliverance is breaking the gate of brass.
58. Deliverance is cutting asunder the bars of iron.
59. Deliverance is to render the diviners mad.
60. Deliverance is to separate our life from enchantment.
61. Deliverance is freedom from ancestral evil pattern.
62. Deliverance is to destroy evil umbrella covering your glory.
63. Deliverance is the destruction of evil habits.
64. Deliverance is to disgrace the idols of your father’s house.
65. Deliverance is to be released from collective captivity.
66. Deliverance is to disgrace the attacks at the edge of breakthroughs.
67. Deliverance is to be released from the grips of darkness.
68. Deliverance is the refusal to pay the evil bill of your ancestors.
69. Deliverance is disallowing the moon from smiting you in the noon.
70. Deliverance is making plain the rough places of our life.
71. Deliverance is divorcement from evil spiritual marriage.
72. Deliverance is to be released from witchcraft cage.
73. Deliverance is clearing your goods from the warehouse of your enemy.
74. Deliverance is rising above evil foundations.
75. Deliverance is having the last laugh over our enemy.
76. Deliverance is making the enemy flee seven ways before us.
77. Deliverance is becoming a winner in the battle of life.
78. Deliverance is making the captor captive.
79. Deliverance is shaking off the garment of shame, dishonour and disgrace.
80. Deliverance is breaking up from the cycle of hardship.
81. Deliverance is making your enemies to fight against themselves.
82. Deliverance is the prevention of the enemy from invading your mind with impure and evil thoughts.
83. Deliverance is to be set free from demonic torments e.g. insanity, drugs e.t.c.
84. Deliverance is to be set free from oppression of marine spirits and water spirits.
85. Deliverance is the spiritual cleansing of the house, office, shop e.t.c.
86. Deliverance is to be purged of evil deposits.
87. Deliverance is freedom from sin.
88. Deliverance is the ministry of expelling demons from people who are being tormented by invisible personalities (Mk 1:23, Mt. 10:1).
89. Deliverance is correct positioning for the fulfillment of destiny.
90. Deliverance is to spoil those that spoil you.
91. Deliverance is to destroy evil dreams.
92. Deliverance is to be released from the altar of affliction.
93. Deliverance is to put the strongman to shame.
94. Deliverance is robbing those who have robbed you spiritually.
95. Deliverance is oppressing the oppressors.
96. Deliverance is suppressing the suppressors.
97. Deliverance is attacking the attackers.
98. Deliverance is destroying the destroyers.
99. Deliverance is disgracing the enemy.
100. Deliverance is removing the stone of hindrance.
101. Deliverance is when God arises on your behalf and your enemy is scattered.
102. Deliverance is wasting the wasters.
103. Deliverance is emptying the emptiers.
104. Deliverance is killing them before they kill you.
105. Deliverance is stopping them before they stop you.
106. Deliverance is the spiritual cleansing of our septic tank.
107. Deliverance is uprooting what God has not planted in your life.
108. Deliverance is crossing your Red sea.
109. Deliverance is coming alive again of your dry bones.
110. Deliverance is speaking destruction to your mountains.
111. Deliverance is replacing evil names in your life.
112. Deliverance is to make your enemy bow before you.
113. Deliverance is stopping your enemy from harvesting your labour.
114. Deliverance is complete renewal of your mind by the word of God (Rm
115. Deliverance is removal of your name from satanic register.
116. Deliverance is commanding the fountain of sorrow to dry up.
117. Deliverance is destroying every darkness in your life.
118. Deliverance is living a holy life.
119. Deliverance is freedom from confusion, frustration and works of the flesh.
120. Deliverance is God’s medicine bottle to make those who are sick to become whole.

Signs that Someone Needs Deliverance
The following are some of the signs that indicate that someone needs deliverance ministration.
1. Constant backwardness instead of moving forward.
2. Unexplainable loss of memory.
3. Evil family pattern.
4. Chronic poverty.
5. Sleepless nights.
6. Losing in the things you know how to do best.
7. When your input refuses to give you results.
8. Working like an elephant and eating like an ant experience.
9. Circular hardship.
10. Repeated problems.
11. Once rich but now poor experience.
12. Being governed by powers beyond your control.
13. Enslave habits.
14. Unnatural movement in the body.
15. Chain problems.
16. Difficulty in getting baptized in the Holy Spirit.
17. When trial refuses to come to an end.
18. Being constantly duped.
19. Like father like son, like mother like daughter pattern.
20. Mental confusion.
21. Those that have ever carried sacrifices.
22. Those who have engaged in blood covenants.
23. Those who have ever been to occultic practices.
24. Those hearing to strange voices.
25. Those listening to satanic music.
26. Those who are dedicated to Satan.
27. Those reading evil books e.g. 7 books of Moses, books of mammon e.t.c.
28. Those with sicknesses beyond medical explanation.
29. Those with talkative spirit.
30. Those with emotional disturbance.
31. Those with unnatural fear.
32. Those with inherited problems.
33. A believer whose life is not glorifying God despite living a holy life.
34. Those suffering from restlessness.
35. Those bound to sin.
36. Christians who have not found victory over their past lives.
37. Those who are being pressed down constantly in the night.
38. Those who are being overcome in their dreams.
39. Those eating in their dreams.
40. Those with ungodly soul ties.
41. Those who are constantly being harassed by evil spirits.
42. Those who have ever seen ghost physically.
43. Those who have evil marks on their body.
44. Those with constant negative confessions.
45. Those cursed by their parents.
46. Those initiated into evil powers.
47. Those watching pornographic films.
48. Those with the tattoo in their body.
49. Those who smoke.
50. Those who have contact with the dead.
51. Those who have ever visited herbalist or shrine.
52. Those who constantly have thoughts of suicide.
53. Those with unexplainable hatred.
54. Those with unexplainable loss of money.
55. The adult who is bedwetting.
56. Those whose helpers are always being attacked.
57. Those with negative thoughts.
58. Those who experience stagnancy.
59. Those who are accident-prone.
60. Those seeing the strange shadow in their dreams.
61. Those experiencing dreams of fighting, sweeping, romancing, kissing, falling from a height, seeing dead relatives, being injected, seeing rags, blood flowing from their body e.t.c.
62. Those with mental distress.
63. Those with persistence chronic sicknesses.
64. Those who experience difficult life after marriage.
65. Those who experience constant false accusation.
66. Those who suffer sexual perversion.
67. Those who have constant child abuse.
68. Those whose stars refuse to shine after having done all.
69. When a happy home suddenly turns sour.
70. Those addicted to nicotine, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, medicine, cocaine, food e.t.c.
71. Those with constant miscarriage.
72. Those with speech problems.

The Call to Deliverance

The Bible says in Obadiah 1:17 “But upon Mount Zion shall be [deliverance], and there shall be holiness, and the house of Jacob shall possess their possession.”

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